Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sewing Dolls!

I love dolls.  I'm totally afraid to make them, though.  Then why, you ask, have I spent probably over a hundred bucks in doll supplies?  Because I have issues, that's why.
But!  I am currently in the throes of making two Owie dolls for the girls.  They are this super cute doll from Lier over at Ikat Bag.  She has made some amazing stuff, and she just put the Owie doll pattern up for sale, so I had to have it.  It didn't help that I had a little elf peeping over my shoulder squealing "Ooooo!!  Look at those dollies!  I want one!  And I want one with lots of owies, too."
Of course, from the other room I hear feet come-a-running and, "Metoo! Metoo! Metoo!"  Because now I have to make two of everything.
Back to embroidering faces...
Update!  Here they are:
Aaaaw!  Aren't they just the cutest little buttons?  Obviously, they are in need of clothes and *lots* more medical accessories, but this was all I could manage last night.  They went together quite smoothly and without incident, which gives the pattern a 5 star rating from me!


  1. Melissa! What a treat to see them in someone else's home! You did the braids! Hurrah! Thank you for saying my pattern works! I know I double-and triple-checked it like a crazie, but I am always suspicious that the process of turning it into a pdf file might skew the templates till they don't fit on someone else's computer. Going to show the girls your photo on your blog tomorrow. They'll be thrilled!

  2. Oh, Lier, the pattern is super! The girls love the dolls and I'm so pleased that they were easy. Now I have to make clothes...and more bandages.
    Thanks Megbud! You should try them; they're really fun. I might be making them as gifts for some little friends.

  3. These are great... I had seen the pattern on LiEr's blog. I have no one quite ready for them yet, but it won't be long. I'll have two to do as well.... I have 21 month old twin girls.

  4. You could always make just the dolls, Millie. They're very soft, and always end up without clothes on, anyway :-)

  5. I might just do that Melissa. I think they're great dolls, what fabric did you use for the bodies?

  6. I found "craft velour" at a local shop. It was actually labeled with that name. It is 100% polyester and the hook tape sticks quite well to it. I thought the color was very orange-y in the store, but when I got it outside it looked better. It's pretty thin, and has a definite right side - the wrong side is a smooth and kind of shiny. It's a bit stretchy in one direction, but not unmanageable.
    I looked for "robe velour" and for anything appropriate in a cotton blend, but had no luck. I also brought a small piece of velcro with me to check the stickiness :-).
    Good luck, and post pix!

  7. Oh these are just fabulous Melissa!! I'm so glad to hear they are easy. I LOVE dolls too! I have no girls of my own to sew for and the niece that is old enough doesn't like dolls dang it, but maybe the 2 baby nieces will. LOL

  8. Natalie, I'd get the nieces started right away on dollies :-) That way, you have an excuse to play with them, too. And these dollies are really fun.