Friday, February 12, 2010

New Ottobre Women!!

The new Ottobre Women's issue is up on their website!  I LOVE IT!  I wish I could figure out how to post links, add buttons, and do all that other blog stuff, but I'm just too challenged, so you'll have to google it for yourself.  It's worth the effort :-)
The new issue is FULL of stuff I want to wear.  Let's see, let me make some notes so I don't forget:
The dress with the sweetheart neck. Making it as soon as I can.
Maxi dress: Not flattering for me, but I can totally see it as something to wear in the backyard over the swimsuit...
Hollywood pants: Love them!
Coat dress and shell with lovely back neckline:  I could actually wear that.  Looks like it will take me some time to make, though.
Wrap front tunic:  Love it.  and the skirt, too.  And, I especially like that she's wearing leggings under that skirt.  I can do that.
Capris and Shorts: What's not to love?
Floofy tunic:  Well, it's floofy, but I do like it!  Maybe in some wonderful linen for those hot days...
Sleeveless checked blouse:  I just love that.  I would even wear it though it's sleeveless.  OMG, where's my razor??


  1. Hey Melissa,
    I couldn't find an email for you from my blog, but thanks for the post. I know which top in 1/08 your are talking about, but there's another one that has the tie on the front of the body... I'm going to have to search the pdf's or the evernote db.... I can see it in my mind... LOL.
    Thanks to everyone for the heads up on the new issue! I'm visiting my inlaws, and was just checking email... had to drool over the spreads. I really like some of them, hope I can try them out. Can't wait to see more of the little girls stuff in the next issue too.

  2. I'm still clueless about the blog comment thing. I assumed that my email would sort of magically appear. not so ;-)