Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Suklaatwist velour tunic from Ottobre Design

OK, so I'm going to post some pictures of one of these adorable tunics while I'm making it, but I figured I'd post some pix of the one I already did.  This is it. Inside out.  And face down, so you're looking at the back of the garment.  and under it is the new turquoise one in progress...

This is the underarm seam from the inside.  Notice that there is no sleeve seam matching up to the underarm (armpit) seam...

That's because the sleeve (puff) seam has been "rotated forward" 4 cm.  You can see where the seam is above my thumb.  and, um, yeah, the seam for the twisted puff part should line up with it, but, well,'s there, right under my thumb, so it's not too mismatched...

This is from farther away so you can see that "rotated forward" means to move the facing (print fabric) seam of the shirt away from the armpit seam and towards the front of the shirt.

If you lined up the seams, there would be no twist in the sleeve puff.

Here, I've turned the sleeve right side out a bit so you can see that the other puff seam and armpit seam line up together.  Perfectly - for once, I might add.

So, it's probably still a little confusing, but maybe when I get the other pix together it will make more sense.


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